SES provides technical services and spare parts on a ‘24 hours per day, 7 days per week’  basis to the maritime and offshore industry worldwide.

Our team of specialists is trained to assist in practically every field of technical support and service on deck equipment such as cranes, winches, life-boats, hatch covers etc. The scope of our solution orientated services includes maintenance and repair of hydraulic, mechanical and electrical equipment. Furthermore, technical inspection, testing and certification of all deck equipment is available any time, anywhere in the world. We do all the above mentioned activities on board any type of vessel both while in dock and while sailing to its next destination. All in order to avoid possible downtime and off-hire for the vessel.

SES can supply any kind of technical spare part for your deck equipment that you may require. If we do not have it in stock, we will source it for you. Furthermore, we supply a wide range of rigging materials such as ropes, chains, shackles, turnbuckles etc. and hoisting-, mooring-, and towing-equipment. Our own workshop in Rotterdam provides technical support such as emergency repairs and overhauling of any type of equipment.

  This SES team exchanged the slewing bearing on the palletcrane in 2 days!


Ship Equipment Service B.V.

Rondweg 399
2922 ET Krimpen aan den IJssel
The Netherlands

Tel.nr.:   +31 10 8202858
Fax nr.:  +31 10 8202857
E-mail:   info@shipequipserv.nl

Latest news

We keep a large stock with reconditioned hydraulic components such as pumps and motors of allmost all makers.
All units come with testreports and with a certificate.
Contact us for detailed info!

We offer the following UNUSED pumps/motors:

Parker Denison P7P 3R1A 5A2 B00XM2 04381
Parker Denison P7P 3R1A 5A2 B00XM2 04994

Mac. Hagg 289 6000 801 (A4VG125 EP)
Mac. Hagg 287 9467 801 (A4VG125 EP)

Rexroth A4VG28EP4DM1/32R – NSC10NOOXEH –S
Rexroth A A 10V O 45DFR1/52R VSC 12N00
Rexroth A10VO85DFR1/52R PUC62N00

Liebherr Nr. 512 232 014 (A2FM250)
Liebherr Nr. 5102 306 14R (A2FM125)

Danfoss 51V250RF2A N2NN NNA0 NNN 125AA20 0000
Danfoss 90R130KA 1NN80 R4C8 H05 HCA 353520 F001
Danfoss 90R180KA 1NN80 R3C8 H05 HCA 353520

Sauer Danfoss 51V160AF1N L2B1VAC0 NNN115AANNB200
Sauer Danfoss 51V110RF1N L2B1VAC0 NNN050AANNB200

Parker PV270R1K1T1NFFP

Linde HPV75 02 0000
Linde Linde HMV 135 02
Linde HMF 35 02  2600

Kawasaki K3VL140/B 10RSM P0

Staffa HMB125/S3/SO3/70  

Denison M14G 3N1A

Hagglunds viking MB84 33800 A2 LN 0219|
Hagglunds viking Mk64 11100 A0 LN 0100

IHI 66N 5741 K & IHI 5P 35K


We have regularly marine cranes for sale.
Contact us for latest offers!

 Afbeeldingsresultaat voor nmf store crane Afbeeldingsresultaat voor nmf store crane


SES is partner of PETEC Services.


PETEC Services is based in Cape Town SA. and they design and manufacture:

  • Cranes
  • Winches
  • Thrusters
  • Net Stackers
  • Net Haulers
  • Fishpumps

    PETEC Services have tailor-made special equipment and parts for the fishing, marine and oil & gas industry.

Pls. contact us for more information.